How local roofing contractors handle emergencies?

Roof damage and leaks happen at any time, and often when you least expect it. Weather extremes such as hail storms, high winds, heavy rains, and snow require immediate repair. Should you ever have an emergency roofing situation, you should know what to do and who to call. Having a trustworthy local roofing contractor on speed dial makes all the difference in repairing your roof before further damage occurs. 

Common roofing emergencies

There are a few roofing problems that tend to require emergency service from professional roofers:

  • Leaks – If you notice water dripping from your ceiling or walls, you likely leak somewhere on your roof. You should fix leaks immediately to prevent mold, rot, and further structural damage.
  • Blow-offs – Strong winds damage shingles and detach roof sections. As soon as winds subside, call a roofer to assess and temporarily patch any blow-off damage before the next storm hits.
  • Punctures – Storm debris like tree branches puncture through shingles and decking, creating openings for water intrusion. Cover the hole as soon as possible then have a roofer inspect and properly seal the puncture.
  • Malfunctioning gutters/drains – Clogged drains allow water to pool on the roof, while detached gutters direct water onto your siding or foundation. Have any gutter/drain issues been fixed right away?

How roofers respond to emergencies?

Reputable local roofing contractors are prepared for any roofing emergency. Here are some of the ways they are prepared to handle urgent repair situations:

  • 24/7 availability – Many roofers offer emergency after-hours service so they immediately come to assess damage and make temporary repairs when issues arise outside normal business hours.
  • Fast response times – local roofing contractor in ajax can mobilize crews quickly to address pressing roof repairs that can’t wait. They’ll arrive on-site promptly to prevent further building damage.
  • Emergency supplies/materials – Roofing companies stock waterproof tarps, plywood, nails, and other materials that allow their crew to temporarily cover openings, replace damaged shingles, and halt water intrusion before permanent repairs are done.
  • Safety training – Working on a roof in adverse weather or other emergency conditions requires special safety training. Qualified roofers have the skills and equipment to work safely in urgent situations.  
  • Permanent repairs – Once the emergency has passed, roofers will return in better weather to do a full inspection and any necessary permanent repairs to restore it to normal condition.
  • Insurance guidance – Many roofers are well-versed in dealing with insurance claims for storm damage. They advise homeowners to work with insurance adjusters to get roof repairs covered.

Dealing with roof emergencies is stressful, but local professional roofing contractors have the skills and capacity to quickly handle these urgent situations and prevent further damage to your home. Having an established relationship with a trustworthy roofer ahead of time provides peace of mind so you know exactly who to call for emergency roof repairs day or night.

Earl Fujiwara
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