How Long Does It Take To Install a New Roof

A common question that we receive when starting a new job is roughly how long it takes to replace a roof in South Florida. A complete roofing replacement can often take several days of work and it’s considered a very heavy task. Depending on the size of your roof, the amount of work that goes into your roofing job can fluctuate widely. The nature of the work can also be influenced by the availability of materials, personnel as well as the weather during the time of your roofing job. A roofing structure is one of the most quintessential aspects of your home and if you need repairs or replacement, it’s important you contact a contractor that can provide you with this replacement quickly.

Here are some quick stats on roofing replacements to give you an idea of the average span:

Shingle roofing replacements:  Up to 4 days of work

Tile roof installation/replacement: Up to 8 days of work

Metal roof replacement: Up to 12 days of work

Flat Roof replacement: Up to 5 working days.

If there are weather conditions such as extreme winds or rain, the quoted installation finish date would be pushed back. We will install safety mechanisms to make sure that your roofing structures are protected through poor weather and will also push back and work required so it can be done effectively.

Crew availability or materials can also cause a backlog of lead time based on the supply chain. If there has been a major storm this can often hinder the ordering process and lead to installation dates fluctuating.

The date for installing a brand-new roof can often fluctuate but our team at Old Time Roofing will always try our best to offer unprecedented efficiency with our work.

This post was written by Ted Williams! Ted is the owner of A Old Time Roofing which is the premier Clearwater Roofing Contractor! Ted is a Master Elite Weather Stopper GAF Roofing Contractor, a double award winner of Best Steep-Slope Contractor from GAF and achiever of Master Elite Consumer Protection Excellence from GAF. He has been serving the Pinellas County area since 1978. Old Time Roofing has a tradition of quality workmanship, servicing residential and commercial properties.