Pool Care Mistakes to Avoid

When you begin your pool maintenance, take a holistic approach. Don’t just focus on the pool water. The pumping system and the actual pool also need care. It may take some learning to avoid common pool care mistakes. No worries. With our expert advice, you will be able to maintain your pool and keep it in perfect condition.

Top Pool Maintenance Mistakes by Homeowners

1. Ignoring Pool Chemistry

Take care of your pool, and it will take good care of you. Add chlorine to the pool water to disinfect it and correct the pH. This will keep the water clear and safe for swimming. Skipping this basic step can lead to health risks from bacteria and germs.

2. Checking Calcium Balance

Naturally occurring minerals dissolve into your water supply. Add conditioners and check the hardness to prevent damage to concrete or masonry. Hard water can cause water scale and a grayish line that stains the pool masonry. Brush the pool at least once per day to “work in” the calcium and prevent this saturation effect.

3. Adding Chemicals at the Wrong Time

Your pool has a specific order to maintain. It’s important to keep the chlorine level, pH balance, and calcium hardness in check. Do not add chemicals at the wrong times. This will reduce the effectiveness of the pool additives. For example, if you add chemicals right before a party, it can cause problems like burning your guests’ eyes and skin.

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