How to plan the ultimate surprise with a flower delivery subscription?

Want to regularly surprise someone special with fresh blooms? A flower delivery subscription takes the effort out of planning repeated bouquets. With automated recurring delivery, recipients get gorgeous flowers on schedule without seeing them coming.

Most flower subscription services offer options like weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly deliveries. Select frequency based on budget and how often you want to delight them. Weekly or bi-weekly creates more frequent surprises, while monthly subscriptions spread joy without overdoing it. Quarterly works well for seasonal flower deliveries – think spring, summer, fall, and winter bouquets. Or opt for dual monthly and weekly/bi-weekly plans – one for ongoing surprises, one for key dates only. Match frequency to your budget and goals.

Automate so you don’t forget

The beauty of automated subscriptions is not having to remember order dates. Set the delivery schedule and cadence, store payment info, and then relax as deliveries happen on autopilot per your instructions. Avoid playing calendar roulette guessing date availability. With subscriptions, you simply pick a recurring day of your choice, and flower deliveries continue automatically. Even better, many services notify you before the next delivery process, so you tweak details, pause the subscription temporarily, or modify frequency. Automated reminders prevent forgetting about it. Just set it and let recurring delivery work its magic.

Keep variety and surprise alive 

While consistency is key for subscriptions, keeping bouquets fresh and varied maintains the surprise. Many services offer rotating selections from seasonal flower varieties to prevent repetition. Or you manually update choices before each delivery. Provide recipients with a variety of colors, flowers, vase styles, and presentation options. Throw in a favorite flower now and then too. The goal is to delight them with beautiful new arrangements monthly or weekly. Always include a personal card with each automated delivery. Generic messages scream subscription. But taking a moment to pen a sweet handwritten sentiment like “Just because I love you!” shows you put thought into each order. Share specific memories, inside jokes, or well wishes.

Upgrade add-ons to mix things up

Beyond fresh bouquets, enhance the surprise factor with special gift add-ons. Rotate between treats like chocolate truffles, teddy bears, scented candles, or gift cards for coffee or dining. Or include useful items like desk accessories, soap sets, cozy socks or slippers, or fun cocktail mixes with flowers. Gifting little extras in addition to beautiful blooms takes the subscription up a notch. Recipients eagerly anticipate what creative new accompaniment might arrive. The element of variability and creativity makes it more fun and engaging.

Send flowers to multiple locations

Keep your recipient guessing by alternating flower delivery to work, home, or other addresses. Surprise them at the office, then send the next delivery to their apartment to switch things up. Varied locations add another layer of mystery and delight to each bloom’s arrival. Just be sure to mind occasions – some personal gifts are better suited to home versus the workplace. But mixing arrival spots ups the anticipation. Automated brampton same day flower delivery takes the thought out of regularly gifting flowers while still creating a wonderful surprise for recipients each time. With the right strategy, subscriptions allow you to delight loved ones frequently.

Earl Fujiwara
the authorEarl Fujiwara